Unity tips for “pro-beginners”

When it comes to Unity, I am in that curious space, where I am not yet a pro, but not a beginner anymore either. Recently, I even got my first official Unity certification!

If you are in a similar position - beyond a lot of the beginner tutorials and courses available on YouTube and Udemy - but struggling to find information to take that next step and level up, then GameDevMix is for you!

On this site, and the associated YouTube channel, I am publishing information that’s definitely suitable for eager beginners, but that’s going that little bit further, that slight step beyond the point where a typical beginner tutorial would often end.

Here are a few examples of what’s planned:

Rather than using singleton managers everywhere in our game, we’ll look at using events. And rather than nesting dozens of if statements and bool checks in our player controller, we’ll look at state machines. And rather than getting player input wherever we happen to need it, we’ll wrap it in a handy input class.

Meet Ben from GameDevMix

If you are curious, I studied Physics & Computer Science (BSc) and Game Development & Production (MSc), for which I got a scholarship from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Yet for my full-time day job, I work as a Full-Stack Web Developer (React & Node) on projects ranging from websites, to mobile apps, to VR apps, and even the occasional game. It’s pretty cool!

But in my spare time, those rare moments when I’m neither at my day job, nor at the gym, I love making games with Unity. And that’s why I created this website:

To share my passion for making games,
and to inspire others to do the same!

Let's stay in touch

To stay up to date with everything GameDevMix, and see where the journey leads next, I would love for you to check out my social profiles below:

Thank you for your time. I hope my little game development website can help inspire and motivate you to bring you game ideas to life.

Last updated: Jul 7, 2020